Jennifer Louie-Abernathy
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Hi there! Steve, Apollo, and I wish you well!

Apollo will be celebrating a year in December!!! We can't believe how time flies and what a year makes. He's been growing at a steady pace and is getting ready to take on the world! Steve and I are over-joyed watching Apollo explore things every day. He just recently had his first adventure to NYC and saw the Statue of Liberty. The statue represents freedom for immigrants coming to America for a better life and reminds us of how fortunate we are to be free and that opportunities for change abound. We are trying to do our part to raise him to try new things, not be afraid of challenges, be more open-minded, tolerant and considerate of others, while being brave and kindhearted.

Diversity has made such a positive impact in my life and in Apollo's already. Apollo is bi-racial and the medical staff that brought him into this world included a Chinese female OB/GYN, Asian American, Latin American, Gay, and Black nurses from the NICU team. Even minutes upon entering this world, Apollo was literally leading a diverse team to change the world. He's ready! He's going to do it. We're going to do it together and we can't do it without you!

I am more impassioned now to keep being a positive role model and promoting diversity, tolerance and understanding by continuing to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP) for the 4th year running. NTLP had a very successful 2016 by expanding our programs to include an after-school program, launching NTLPCorp Fellows and giving away $5,000 in scholarships, creating new community partnerships and reaching 600 students from low-income households in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Please consider a donation in my honor today! Double your donation by having your company match your donation. I have a goal to raise $3,500. I will be happy to raise any amount in support of NTLP, an organization that is very important to me. No donation amount is too small.

In 2017, NTLP celebrated its 25th Anniversary of inspiring and preparing teens to reach their full potential and become future leaders. NTLP's programs are designed to inspire and create globally minded, ethical leaders who respect and uphold the equal value of all humanity. This training transforms youth into capable leaders, motivated to affect positive social change in an increasingly diverse world.

Since our inception in 1992, NTLP has:

Empowered 17,000 teens to positively impact their communities,
Awarded $170,000 to deserving teen leaders,
Inspired unity, vision, purpose, compassion, tolerance, confidence & motivation in the hearts and minds of teens,
Expanded our reach; touching the lives of teens & their families throughout the United States and abroad.

Please support NTLP's vision of "Developing the leader within every teen today for a better world tomorrow!" and join me in helping our teens realize their leadership potential. Visit for more information about our programs and please donate any dollar amount in my honor today.


Jennifer Louie-Abernathy
Board of Directors, Co-Chair