Edgar Wong-Chen
Edgar Wong-Chen's Fundraiser

For my birthday I want to raise $10k for students!

Support the NTLP Corps Fellows Scholarship!

$2,000 towards $10,000

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I currently serve as the Co-Chair for the Board of Directors of the National Teen Leadership Program. NTLP changed my life and I am very proud to announce a program that I helped create called the NTLP Corps Fellows. Many of you have heard of Peace Corps, or AmeriCorps, but this is a program designed specifically for teens to do a major service project in their local community. After a ton of discussions, we launched our program last year with our first two Corps Fellows.

Each Fellow is tasked with developing, implementing and analyzing a large community service project in their community. Fellow was paired with an NTLP alumni mentor throughout the year who helped coach them throughout the entire program. In their final completion of their community service project, they are each awarded a $2,500 college scholarship.

Last year, our two Corps Fellow were Reagan and Michelle who both completed their projects and had huge impacts in their community. Reagan's project was focused around the unfortunate death of her close teacher who had committed suicide that had shuttered her campus. She developed a comprehensive plan to fundraise, and bring awareness around the issues of suicide to her campus and community by bringing speakers to her school and opening vital dialogue on the issues around suicide. Michelle's project was the called the Kindness Campaign, where in a tense culture of bullying in her school, she implemented a district wide kindness campaign which helped bring programming to her surrounding schools in her district to promote acts of kindness. Both of these two standout Fellows are rockstars in my mind and I'm proud to say they represented NTLP with professionalism and class.

*Here we are with our two Corps Fellows, Reagan and Michelle at our 2016 Annual Gala

Since our first year, we are now well into our second year of our Fellows and this is where we need your help. The scholarship that we award these students come from generous donations to our organization. We only have 2 Fellows each year due to the limited amount of scholarship dollars that we have to give out. My goal for 2017-18 is to increase the amount of scholarships that we can give out to these amazing students.

I'm asking all of you to help me accomplish that goal. For this year, instead of birthday presents, I want all of you to consider making a donation to this program. All donation are completely tax deductible, and thank goodness it is tax season. Please consider making a donation to this extremely worthy cause. From all of us at NTLP and especially on behalf of the Corps Fellows, we thank you for your consideration.


Edgar Wong-Chen (Co-Chair NTLP Board of Directors, NTLP 1996 Alumni)